9-11 Never Forget Our Heroes 3 Inch Magnum Coin


Never Forget Our Heroes! 3 Inch Magnum Coin!

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9-11 Never Forget Our Heroes 3 Inch Magnum Coin

3 Inch Magnum Coin

9/11 is the moment that defined a generation. The current generation will remember that infamous day the way the previous generations remembered Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy Assassination.

Everyone who lived through that terrible day will always remember where they were the day the Twin Towers were attacked. Few, however, will remember it because they were there.

The brave police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency responders that lost their lives that day will be remembered forever in the annals of history. It is the responsibility of we who were left behind to remember these great heroes in any way possible.

With that in mind, Navy Crow offers you the Never Forget Our Heroes coin. Made of high-quality materials, this coin will last for generations, so that the brave men and women who lost their lives that day will not be forgotten.

Be the first ever to own this limited edition NavyCrow.com challenge coin.

  • The original 9-11 Never Forget Our Heroes Coin™.
  • Deep 3D relief with full color accents
  • Sequentially numbered.
  • 3 inch coin
  • Highly detailed relief 9/11 Commemorative Coin

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