Navy Jolly Roger Skull Crossed Bones 4 Inch Magnum Coin


4 Inch Magnum USN Coin!

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Navy Jolly Roger Skull Crossed Bones Coin

When it comes to US Navy coin you have to check out this Navy Jolly Roger Skull Crossed Bones 4 Inch Magnum Coin!

This unique design features a 4 inch diameter 5mm depth caricature of the Jolly Roger hailing back to the days of sail and hankering remembrance of Treasure Island! The design has the trademark skull and crossbones with a flair of modern touch we find the antique silver Jolly Roger sporting a US Navy Enlisted Man’s White Hat or “Dixie Cup” clenching a dagger in his teeth inlaid with the ill-gotten booty of antique gold. The dagger handle has such exquisite detail, you could almost imagine holding the blade in your hands! A closer look at the blade reveals a blood groove and scarring along the edges. This pirate knows his business, you best steer clear or suffer the fate of those who dared otherwise! Each coin is individually serialized making it a collector’s item, something to be passed along to future generations to come.

Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition USN military challenge coin.

  • The original Navy Jolly Roger Skull Crossed Bones Coin.
  • Deep 3D relief with metallic accents
  • 4 inch coin (5mm thickness)
  • Highly detailed relief Commemorative antique silver with gold accents coin.
  • Coins sold individually.


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