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Ravioli From Hell!

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The Death Pillows Navy The Smathering Card Decal is a card decal you must have! A dangerous card to possess when handling these Navy The Smathering cards in decal form. Each of them a parody of Magic The Gathering but with an uncanny, unnatural, obscene, downright not politically correct, highly opinionated and ready for action card decals to be placed on that special Sailors bunk, in the head, on the bulkhead or somewhere it must be seen. The antics that go on above and below the deck are famous and to the credit of hundreds of years of US Navy traditions and one we are not about to give up comes these Navy The Smathering Card Decals ready to spring into action and be left where they must.

Keep the faith and traditions alive and leave your calling card with these Navy The Smathering Card Decals!

Made In America and measuring 2.5″ x 3.5″ their originality and downright humor must be displayed where you find the need!



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