US Navy Snipe Popeye Military Patch


4 inch Military Patch designed for the Sailors who rarely see sunlight!

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US Navy Snipe Popeye Military Patch!

This US Navy Snipe Popeye Military Patch is created for the US Navy Rate Sailors who sail below the decks of the mighty warships of the United States Navy. They call themselves Snipes. These are the people who run the engines, ensure clean water, and make sure the lights are on among other things. This Popeye Snipe patch illustrates the strength and determination of these sailors that ensure the ship keeps moving through the calm or rough seas. They are the heart and soul of the ship. This is a 4 inch, fully embroidered United States Navy patch which is great for collecting, as a gift for your sailor, or when added to your military shadowbox. This patch is as unique as the highly trained sailors that take care of the ship below its decks. .


Size: 4  Inches

Embroidery: 100% military embroidered

Edge: Cut Edge

Backing: Heat Seal

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