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The World Tour US Navy Tin Sign in Vintage to be displayed with US Navy pride! Get yours today

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World Tour US Navy Tin Sign in Vintage

Uncle Sam presents the World Tour US Navy Tin Sign in Vintage featuring many of the historic United States Navy sea battles from the War Of Independence, the War of 1812, the Mexican American War, the Spanish American War, the American Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War the War on Terrorism and US Navy engagements. This US Navy design features a number of the more well-known US Navy Sea Battles displayed above vintage global nautical maps and the well known US Navy phrase “The Sea Is Ours”!

Been to a rock concern and seen Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Def Leopard just to name a few and been blown away by their lyrics and incredible playing? They were defined as the Gods Of Rock. Ever pick up that rock concert shirt, took it home, then showed it off to your friends the next day? The US Navy rocks as well and they have been doing it longer and better than any other and they do it with their own instruments of war like 16 inch guns, 5 in 38’s, MK45 5 inch gun, Phalanx CIWS, RGM-84 Harpoon, BGM-109 Tomahawk, Aegis combat system and a Trident D5 Ballistic Missile just to name a few. This World Tour US Navy Tin Sign in Vintage depicts just some of the epic sea battles won by the US Navy with these weapons of war.

The United States Navy has had an incredible history and heritage since its inception in 1775. The US Navy has fought in every sea and ocean across the world and has gone from a single sailing sloop to fleets of hundreds of warship armed with the most technologically advanced weaponry in the history of naval warfare. It can be easily said that the “The Sea Is Ours” because of their battle tested decades and the tests they have been through by enemy combatants in the defense of America. This is a US Navy original design offered exclusively by Navy Crow to be enjoyed by US Navy Sailors both active duty and US Navy Veterans. The World Tour US Navy Tin Sign in Vintage was designed for you!

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The 12” x 15” signs are made to order and available for as low as $24.99. Additionally, these signs are made and designed in the U.S. and are all original Navy Crow designs. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for manufacturing prior to shipping.

100% Made In America

The US Navy sea battles featured on this stunning design are as follows:

Battle of Gloucester: August 8th to 9th, 1775
North Channel Naval Duel: April 24th, 1778
Battle of Delaware Bay: April 8th, 1782
Battle of York: April 27th, 1813
Battle of Lake Erie: September 10th, 1813
Battle of Valparaíso: March 28th, 1814
Battle of Plattsburgh: September 6th-11th 1814
Battle of Monterey: July 7th, 1846
Battle of Port Royal: November 3rd–7th, 1861
Battle of Hampton Roads: March 8th – 9th, 1862
Battle of Corpus Christi: August 12th – 18th, 1862
Battle of Galveston: January 1st, 1863
Battle of Plymouth: April 17th – April 20th, 1864
Battle of Mobile Bay: August 2nd-23rd, 1864
Battle of Manila Bay: May 1st, 1898
Battle of Guantánamo Bay: June 6th-10th, 1898
Battle of Durazzo – October 2nd, 1918
Battle of the Coral Sea: May 4th to 8th 1942
Battle of Midway: June 4, 1942
Battle of the Eastern Solomons: August 24th-25th 1942
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal: November 12th-15th 1942
Battle of Vella Gulf: August 6th-7th 1943
Battle of Cape St. George: 25 November 1943
Battle of the Philippine Sea: June 19 1944
Battle of Leyte Gulf: October 25, 1944
Battle of Chumonchin Chan: July 2nd, 1950
Battle of Inchon: September 10th-19th, 1950
Operation Custom Tailor: May 1972
Battle of Ad-Dawrah: January 18th-19th, 1991
Battle of Qurah and Umm al Maradim: January 24th-29th 1991
Battle of Bubiyan: January 29th-February 2nd, 1991

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