US Navy Seabees Coin


We Build. We Fight!

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US Navy Seabees Coin!™


The United States Navy Seabees are one of the most essential part of the US Navy. They build, they destroy and if needed will never hesitate to pick up a rifle and fight!

Be the first ever to own this limited edition NavyCrow.com challenge coin.

This unique artwork was designed in two different color schemes. The “original” features a more rich coloring of a golden bee and accented by a deep black background bringing the design to its’ fullest extent highlighting the 2in solid metal 3D coin. The second variety of this awe inspiring design is the “vintage” which still retains the original coloring of the coin, however the colors are more subdued and the plain silver background brings out the details of the design to an entire new level highlighting the amount of detail that is incorporated into this AWE INSPIRING COIN.

Licensed and approved by the United States Navy.

  • The original US Navy Seabees Coin™.
  • Side B – Second Side is a mirror of the Navy Seabee vintage side.
  • Deep 3d relief with full color accents
  • Licensed and approved by the United States Navy.
  • 2 inch coin
  • Highly detailed relief US Navy Commemorative Coin.
 * PLEASE NOTE – Due to the popularity of this Navy Seabee coin it can at times be on back order. Please know we are constantly bringing in new US Navy Seabee coins but at times there may be short delays while coins are being replenished.

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