Navy Salute Figurine


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The Navy Salute Figurine depicts the patriotism that every sailor who joined the United States Navy feels for this great country. Every morning and evening Sailors salute the Colors of this great nation feeling a sense of pride in the fact that they each chose to defend this great country. The sailor in this Navy Salute Statue is wearing that famous dixie cap that is recognizable to those who have served and those who are simply proud of those who have alike.

This Navy Crow statue is sure to please you or your loved one, and looks just as good at home on a shelf or end table as it does in an office on a desk or a mount. Each Navy Salute Figurine is hand painted so that every detail is captured. The Navy Salute Figurine is cast in bronze color and stands 7.25″ tall. Small enough to fit into most spaces, but large enough to display the patriotism.

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