Frigg Viking Norse God US Navy Challenge Coin

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Get your Frigg Viking Norse God US Navy Challenge Coin today and enjoy one of the most richly designed US Navy coins in the industry.


Frigg Viking Norse God US Navy Challenge Coin

Till Valhalla! US Navy Sailor fully understand the nature of war and combat and that the courage and dedication to defend America knows no bounds. They understand the warrior ethos and what it takes to defeat America’s enemies. This Frigg Viking Norse God US Navy Challenge Coin was created at the request of US Navy Sailors because the strength and courage of the Vikings, their fearlessness and their prowess in battle was to be acknowledged. This is why in the unfortunate situation when American loses one of her warriors they are heralded into a place where her warrior may retire in peace. A place called Valhalla!

  • Highly detailed relief
  • Deep 3d relief with antique silver and gold plating
  • Original Odin Viking Norse God Challenge Coin
  • 4 mm thickness
  • 1.5″ coin

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Navy Crow has for years been supporting the men and women of the United States Navy. It is officially licensed and approved by the United States Navy at the Pentagon. For several years Navy Crow has been developing unique military artwork like the Frigg Viking Norse God US Navy Challenge Coin for US military challenge coins that serve as a reminder of one’s career in the US Navy, the commands, ships, squadrons and special activities and events our US Sailors have undergone and participated in. It is an honor to serve you.

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