Corpsman Devil Doc US Navy Challenge Coin


“Fair Winds and Following Seas”

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For over a decade the US Navy challenge coins produced have featured some of the most exciting and original military artwork like this Corpsman Devil Doc US Navy Challenge Coin. Our challenge craftsman work daily producing military artwork that defines a new level of originality and quality as seen only at Navy Crow. US Navy enlisted, US Navy Chiefs and Officers have received these US Navy Challenge coins similar to this Corpsman Devil Doc US Navy Challenge Coin in appreciation for their service, dedication and accomplishments. The US Navy with its proud traditions stemming back to 1775 has been built on the spirit of freedom, innovation, pioneering and razor sharp determination. These US Navy challenge coins share the same characteristics, display and honor these US Navy values and reach new heights with the military artwork each coin displays.

At 2 inches, 4mm in thickness and crafted of rich antique gold and silver accents, each richly designed challenge coin is designed to be the best in your challenge coin collection. Enjoyed by active duty US Navy Sailors, US Navy Veterans, their families and friends each coin is built to last generations and share its story of US naval excellence.

As an OEM of challenge coins our company travels from design, to mold, to production and works closely with each of our clients whenever a new custom challenge coin is requested from Navy Crow. Because of our dedication to providing the finest in US Navy challenge coins we work hand in hand with each client and ensure their complete satisfaction. If your Navy command is in search of a custom challenge coin please email us at or contact us at our custom challenge coin quote form. We would be honored to work with you and design some of the finest challenge coins in the industry for you.

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