A US Navy Veteran is someone who has served in the United States Navy and has been honorably discharged. This can include active duty service, reserve service, or a combination of both. US Navy Veterans have served in various capacities, including in ships, submarines, aircraft, and on shore. They may have served in times of peace or in times of war, and may have been involved in a variety of missions and operations. Thank you for your service!

A career in the United States Navy typically involves serving on active duty as a member of the Navy’s uniformed service. This can include serving on ships, submarines, aircraft, or on shore in a variety of roles, such as as an officer, enlisted personnel or as a civilian.

Navy careers can be divided into several main categories:

  • Operations: Includes roles such as pilots, air crew, surface warfare officers, and submariners, among others.
  • Engineering and maintenance: Includes roles such as machinist’s mates, electrician’s mates, and other technical specialties.
  • Medical: Includes roles such as corpsmen, nurses, and physicians.
  • Supply and logistics: Includes roles such as yeomen, logistics specialists, and storekeepers.
  • Intelligence and cyber: Includes roles such as intelligence specialists, cryptologic technicians, and information systems technicians.

A career in the Navy can offer opportunities for training and advancement, as well as the chance to serve the country and gain valuable skills and experiences.

What is a US Navy Mustang

A Mustang in the US Navy is an officer who has been selected for a promotion to the rank of O-6 (Captain) after serving as a chief warrant officer or chief petty officer (E-7 to E-9). This is not an official rank, but rather a colloquial term used to refer to those officers who have been promoted from the enlisted ranks. Mustangs are relatively rare in the Navy and are considered to be highly respected individuals due to the fact that they have risen through the ranks, having a broader experience of the Navy as an enlisted personnel and as an officer.

What Is A US Navy Chief

A Chief in the US Navy is an enlisted service member who has been promoted to the rank of E-7, E-8 or E-9. This rank is considered to be a senior non-commissioned officer (NCO) and is a leadership position that carries significant responsibility.

Chiefs are responsible for leading and managing sailors and performing a wide range of duties, including:

  • Leading and training sailors in their work center
  • Supervising and managing the maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Assisting in the development of policies and procedures
  • Representing their sailors to their superiors
  • Ensuring their sailors are properly trained and ready for deployment

Chiefs are considered experts in their field and are expected to be role models for junior sailors. They are often called upon to make critical decisions and to mentor and guide junior sailors in their professional development. They are highly respected by sailors, officers and veterans alike.

US Navy Prior Service

US Navy Prior Service refers to individuals who have served in the United States Navy before and are looking to rejoin the Navy either as active duty or reserve.

There are different ways to rejoin the Navy as prior service, depending on the individual’s qualifications, skills, and the needs of the Navy. Some options include:

  • Returning to active duty: Individuals who have separated from the Navy with an honorable discharge and have not exceeded the statutory service limits may be eligible to return to active duty in the same or a different occupation.
  • Joining the Navy Reserve: Individuals who have separated from the Navy with an honorable discharge and have not exceeded the statutory service limits may be eligible to join the Navy Reserve.
  • Joining the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR): Individuals who have separated from the Navy with an honorable discharge and are not eligible for active duty or reserve service may still be eligible to join the IRR.

Individuals who are interested in re-joining the Navy as Prior Service are encouraged to contact a Navy Recruiter or visit the Navy website to learn more about the different options available to them and the specific requirements for each.