Without question the United States Navy Corpsman, whether blue side aboard a US Navy vessel for example or a FMF Corpsman, aka green side corpsman, embedded with the US Marines they are incredibly trained warfighters, trained medical staff and more. Corpsman Up! For this reason the military artists of Navy Crow created 5 fascinating and highly original Navy Corpsman Challenge Coins.

As one of if not the most awarded Medal Of Honor recipients, the US Navy Corpsman stands tall as a highly decorated rate within the US Navy with the most MOH recipients from a single battle, the Battle Of Iwo Jima, during the Second World War, than any service of the United States Armed Forces.

They serve aboard every US Navy warship and provide much needed medical services when called upon and fulfill an intense role of medical care to fellow Sailors. Their A school at Fort Sam Houston is where they receive their specialized training before arriving in the fleet.

We Call Them Doc

Every United States Navy Corpsman is called Doc or Devil Doc. Some have earned it by providing medical assistance at a US Navy medical facility while others earn it in the field saving US Marine lives. The US Navy Corpsman embedded with US Marines are referred to and have earned the title Fleet Marine Force Corpsman of FMF Corpsman. We call them Doc.

Corpsman Coins

For over a decade the coin artists of Navy Crow have been designing and crafting US military coins and ones especially for US Navy Corpsmen. With a rich tradition their rate and their complement of Sailors have more than deserved to have a set of hospital corpsman coins created just for them.

Of the hundreds of US Navy coins we have designed over the years the 5 Corpsman coins we created are among the top 10 most sold and sought after coins after a decade of production.

Hospital Corpsman
Corpsman Devil Doc US Navy Challenge Coin
Corpsman Devil Doc US Navy Challenge Coin
Navy Challenge Coins
US Navy Corpsman Tribal 2.5 Inch Magnum Coin