United States Navy Destroyer Tin Can Sailors Coin™


All Men are created equal, then some become Destroyer Sailors! The US Navy Destroyers are arguably the most important surface ships of the Fleet. The Airdales will speak of their beloved Bird Farms, the Gator Freighters carry the Marines into battle , the Minesweepers clear the harbor for the landings but none of them would be able to sail the seven seas were it not for the Destroyers. The Destroyers and the Frigates main purpose in life is to provide a screening force for the Fleet, hunting enemy subs, running drug interdiction operations, chasing down pirates off the Horn of Africa. You name it the Destroyer Fleet does it all!  


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Destroyer Coin


One amazing story is that of a daring hostage rescue situation dealing with Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and a US Navy Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer. The story was later retold in classic Hollywood fashion glamorizing the details in the film Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks.  On 8 April 2009, the United States Navy warships USS Bainbridge (DDG-96) and  USS Halyburton (FFG-40) were dispatched to the Gulf of Aden in response to the hostage situation on the  MV Maersk Alabama.



Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition US Navy challenge coin.

Licensed and approved by the United States Navy.


The design features a squadron of Arleigh Burke Class Flight IIA Destroyers in formation sailing into harm’s way. Under the ocean’s waves we see a death’s head reminiscent of the ever present dangers that lurk beneath the seas. The title of TIN CAN SAILORS is prominently displayed up front, recognizing that the Destroyer Fleet must perform the missions once owned by the Battleship Fleet with a fraction of the armor to protect them.


Tin Can Sailor coin

Destroyer Coin


The original United States Navy Destroyer Tin Can Sailors Coin ™.

Deep 3D relief with metallic and colored accents

2 inch coin

Highly detailed relief USN Commemorative Coin.

Government Approved – Lab Tested – Packed in 100% Salt Water – Sealed For Freshness

US Navy Tin Can Sailors Military Patch

Destroyer Patch