Without question some of the finest and most original designs we have produced over the last 15 years have been the ones created for the First Class Petty Officer Associations. First Class Petty Officer Shirts have been the source of morale building and taking ownership of the responsbilities of a first class petty officer.


Designs varying from sharks, crows, chevrons, griffons, knights in shining armor, male and female enlisted holding up the world, weapons like M4s, torpedoes, warships like Arleigh Burke destroyers or Los Angeles attack submarines and more have been the center prices of US Navy FCPOA designs over the years.

The most successful design created for FCPOA’s all over the United States Navy have been the most detailed and original and navy crow has participated in the creation of them. A shirt is nothing more than a blank shirt without a cool military graphic and the better the art the better the sales and morale. It’s a fact.

First Class Petty Officer Shirts
First Class Petty Officer Shirts

From MWR activities to FCPOA associations the custom art designed by Navy crow has been top of the line and with over a thousand commands over the years having been designed for their repeat business and reorders have been what has defined the success of Navy Crow. We receive the design requests because the art is unparalleled and the pricing is highly competitive given the fact we design original military art and we use the top level print technologies for the printing we do.

FCPOA Shirts
FCPOA Shirts

From start to finish a custom design can get done inside of 2 weeks and then production which consists of ordering the blank shirts from a Type 3 Coyote brown to a Navy blue shirt is then completed. Scheduling or printing is done almost immediately so it can get onto the production schedule and have a place in line reserved. This helps to ensure that your custom US navy shirts get on the board and printed without delay.

Reasons for using Navy Crow for your next First Class Petty Officer Shirts order:

  1. Original, detailed and custom military art and design.
  2. Quality printing use top of the lines printing technologies
  3. Offers a variety of apparel types from short sleeve shirts to hoodies and more
  4. Ships all over the world to FPO APO addresses
  5. 25 year designing for the US DOD and all branches of the US military.
  6. Licensed with the US Navy trademark and licensing offices.
  7. US military veteran owned and operated.
  8. Produces, design and develops and prints on apparel, drinkware, decals, challenge coins, signs, patches (embroidered and PVC), belt buckles and more.

Let’s talk art.

The most important aspect of any successful project begins with art. How do you get the best and what steps does it take to get there? All greet art starts with great ideas. Please find below some easy steps that will make getting your custom military art created quickly and looking amazing.

  1. Have a good idea of what you want. Make sure the association members have discussed it and have a solid idea of what they voted on and want. This reduces the number of changes and prevents delay getting the initial concept drawn out.
  2. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Everyone.
  3. Send pictures, links and attach references to an email when contacting us and let us know in detail what you want. The location, the design elements and where you want them displayed. Tell us what is important, secondary and what you can live with or without if it didn’t make the design. Our job is to present you with the best way to display it and bring all the elements together. The sketch is only the first stage of art but the most important. If the sketch is done right then the rest can follow in step and fewer changes and issues come up. We like to get it done right the first time for our clients.
  4. Understand that great art takes time. Incredible art takes a bit longer. We are on your team and the better and more detail and understanding we receive the better we can perform for you. Provide your schedule, when you need things done ad when the shirts are ideally in your hands so we can do our best for you.
  5. At any given time we have dozens of designs underway. That is because of our dedicated staff of highly trained ullustrators. We bring a level of art that you deserve and that means we are spinning many plates with many clients. The best way for us to get the job quickly is for us to get the details we need at the beginning and not too many later changes not originally provided when you contacted us. We want to get it done and done quickly for you and this is a big help in allowing us to work with you and complete your custom US Navy art on time.

There is no better time than the present to get started on a custom United States Navy design. Your success in FCPOA fundraising is tied to great art. Let us help you make that possible. Contact us for more information regarding your First Class Petty Officer Shirts at hq@navycrow.com.