We have been going into battle for a millennia with whatever luck symbols we took with us into battle. Dice, a lucky charm, family picture and in many cases the morale PVC patches we wore on our arms. For these reasons Military Morale PVC Patches Are The Rage and an excellent way to show your military pride or patriotic themed messages.

So Many Morale Patches

There are literally tens of thousands of military morale patches and for those that collect these incredibly detailed and unique patches it is a great hobby to take up. Collectors place their PVC patches on everything from backpacks to ball caps and more each with a unique style and look.

It can display a cool military graphic or unit insignia, a message or slogan or more. Trunk Moneys, K9 patches, US flags, A-10 Warthogs, Navy SEAL NAVSPECWAR patches, Don’t Tread On Me (DTOM), Secret Squirrel patches, Zombie Hunter and then the cool and very unique PVC patches from Military-Outfitters: Oath To The US Constitution PVC patch and US Veteran PVC morale patch.

Move Over Embroidered Patches – Military Morale PVC Patches Are The Rage

PVC patches for some time have been quickly replacing the time honored and traditional embroidered patches of old. The PVC (poly vinyl chloride) forms a rubber like feeling with bendable qualities and far more durability than traditional embroidered patches. Not to mention they have the ability to form a 3D look and feel making them an even more exciting and modern approach to expressing the messages you want in a vibrant and cool way. That is why Military Morale PVC Patches Are amazing!

The Sea Is Ours Jolly Roger US Navy Military Patch

How Do You Apply A PVC Morale Patch?

Military morale PVC patches are applied by sewing them directly on to clothing, uniforms and bags. Sewing a patch onto a piece of fabric can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it. There are various ways that people attach patches onto their clothes, but they all involve sewing the patch on with thread or glue and some sort of backing material such as iron-on adhesive, sew-in snaps or by adding hook and loop backing.

How Much Are Custom Military PVC Patches?

PVC patches are an affordable way to customize clothing, bags and other items with your logo. They come in a variety of custom shapes and sizes that can be customized based on what you need them for or how much money you want to spend. The cost ranges from $2.55 per patch up at 100 pieces each 3 inches high (including any color) as well as varying thicknesses which can vary the price by 30% depending on if they’re 3D sculpted. Adding backing options will also affect pricing but it’s really just dependent upon what size gets ordered more often so this is something customers should look into before ordering in bulk.

We will provide you with the highest quality at a wholesale price point. The pricing of your order will vary depending on the size of your design and the quantity ordered

How is a PVC morale patch made?

They are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride and why they feel like soft rubber and they can be molded into any shape or size. They are tuff, waterproof and durable and are perfect for outdoor gear. A PVC patch is manufactured using soft rubber that allows you to have any shape or size. Designs can be manufactured as small as 5/8″ or up to 16″ in length. The thickness can vary from 1 mm to 4 mm thick depending on your logo. Standard thickness is 2.5 mm for a standard 2.75″. The surface can be 3D sculpted to add a unique feel.

Military Morale PVC Patches Are the Bomb
Military Morale PVC Patches Are the Bomb

2D vs 3D Logo Patches

Two-Dimensional – Two-dimensional logos have multiple level surfaces, separating the different levels in your art through a layering technique that results in raised and recessed areas. This 2D effect is great for clean, simple designs, for logo patches with multiple shades of vibrant color and where the raised and recessed ridges work positively with the overall aesthetic of your creation.

3 Dimensional – Like the two-dimensional creations, three-dimensional art has multiple leveled surfaces and accommodates a wide variety of styles. But unlike 2D, our 3D images are rounded, with the varying colors that are capable of being on the same plane. The raises and recessions are not rigid, and the elements within your artwork can take on more life-like characteristics. The 3D technique is perfect for adding greater detail that a rounded or sculpted effect helps to achieve. Examples include facial details and landscapes, but working with one of our designers to decide the optimal effect will make this choice easy.

Custom PVC patches are designed and fabricated with a sewing channel. If you are looking for an alternative backing, we offer a 3m adhesive to create a strong bond to most any surfaces. This will make an incredible bond and will be hard to remove. Velcro can be added using a strong hook and loop attachment. There are a lot of options you can add to making your PVC patches truly unique!

US Veteran PVC Morale Patch

Just one of several exciting and unique military PVC patch design hitting the military industry. Classic design no more this US Veteran PVC patch has all the elements that make an outranking PVC patch so cool. The 3D effect, the terms Blood, Sweat and Tears, American flag, crossed M4 rifles, banners, stars and an American bald eagle with freedom displayed throughout. It doesn’t get any better and then of course hook and loop backing makes this military morale patch a one-of-a-kind patch that will be enjoyed for decades to come. Grab a great PVC patch and make your next swag purchase a grea tone. Military Morale PVC Patches Are The Rage for a reason!