Navycrow.Com And HHOV One Team Helping US Navy Sailors

Navycrow.Com is announcing its veteran outreach program!  Help Heal Our Vets is a military non-profit that will work directly with veterans and active duty alike.  The biggest difference with regard to HHOV is that there is no middle man involved, and the funds can go directly to a US Navy Sailor or family in need.  In this world of greedy corporations and slow moving ineffective non-profits, HHOV will be the leader bearing nothing but integrity!

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This is something every US Navy Sailor has the obligation to do.  So we at Navycrow.Com is taking the lead of the pack by ensuring the funds are directed at USN Sailors and their families and eliminating the middle man.  The US Navy Sailors, families, and supporters of Navycrow.Com are a strong community.  A strong community that supports both our active duty service members and US veterans.

We are honored to give a percentage of our monthly sales to a fellow Sailor in need.  Just a check and no questions asked.  Except proof of service (DD214).  If you know a United States Navy Sailor in need feel free to write us at

Lets do something to help instead of talking about it. We will be raising awareness about HHOV all month long!

So help us Help Heal Our Vets at !


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Help Heal Our Vets is giving directly to those veterans that need it.  No middle man.  No bloated non profit. We simply want to give a one US Navy Sailor and family, once a month, with a cash check no questions asked! (Active Duty, or DD-214 Honorable Discharge)

All year long Help Heal Our Vets will be working with various sponsors to help raise funds. HHOV will be using these funds to give directly to Navy Sailors that have been recognized by their peers. With our partners and sponsors HHOV will be able to spread the word and locate individuals that qualify for the aid.

Help Heal Our Vets understands that there are many that can use the extra help but we are doing our best to get it to those that desperately need the help. How we do this is to let our audience decide. HHOV uses the help of all those in our social media world to help us find those individuals that need financial assistance.

Visit the participating partner sites below and help raise funds by purchasing awesome Shirts,Apparel, Coins, Decals, Patches and more!  A percentage of each purchase will go toward our monthly grant to one of our very own!

If you know of any active duty veteran and or family that is in dire straights and can use a little extra financial help let us know.  Visit our Facebook page and instant message us a background story of your candidate for the grant. Discretion is valued and we want to protect anyone who may not wish to tell about their troubles.  Most veterans are very humble and will not take any help from others.  Please help us maintain respect and care for our beloved veterans and thanks for helping us Help Heal Our Vets.

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