Popeye Coin

Popeye, the spinach eating Sailor. Beloved by all both young and old alike. Since first making his debut in the Thimble Theater comic strip on Jan 17, 1929 Popeye has proved to all enemies foreign and domestic that US Navy Sailor is the true American hero! Popeye the Sailor Man, a most important part of any American kid’s childhood growing up watching him with his beau Olive Oil and his arch nemesis Brutus. Although I have to admit I’m kinda particular to Wimpy after watching him put away those burgers like no tomorrow!


The Comics were so popular that The Sailor Man took things to such a new level that it was reported that Spinach sales rose dramatically by some 33%. Farmers later attributed Popeye and his reach with the kids for saving the spinach industry during The Great Depression. One would assume that the subliminal advertising worked where parents failed to get kids to eat their veggies! Popeye over time developed into a radio show, multiple cartoons, a motion picture movie and it is reported that Sony Pictures is working to spin the tale of the Spinach Eating Sailor Man once again for the current generations.


The coins says it all “Don’t Mess with the US” simple and straight to the point that many nations over the course of history have learned the hard way! Following the outbreak of WW II after the attack on Pearl Harbor our hero Popeye ditched his civilian gig and donned a set of dress whites to help rally the cause. Popeye and Brutus even teamed up to battle evil caricatures of Japanese on more than one occasion. The cartoons were a hit with the home-front and the boys in uniform, though when viewed from the lenses of today’s PC Navy it wouldn’t fly.

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Unlike some of our more unscrupulous competitors this particular design is fully licensed and approved by King Features. we offer this limited edition serialized collector’s item Popeye Challenge Coin as a tribute to the men and women of the United States Navy, and we are fully licensed and approved in all designs that we produce reflecting commercial logos, and/or government entities. All our designs are original works of art created by Navy Crow Artist & CEO “Frost Call”, ensuring only the highest quality of workmanship. Each coins is individually serialized The reverse side of the coin features a beautiful deep rich sea green bed of spinach as the outline circling the antique silver lid of an Iron Enriched spinach can. The year 1929 is representative of Popeye’s “birthday” when this lovable Sailor first appeared in the Comic Strip Thimble Theater on Jan 17, 1929.

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