US Navy Attack Submarine Trailer Hitch Cover


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This US Navy Attack Submarine Trailer Hitch Cover displays with detail and originality the US Navy attack submarine. With the quote “Some Ships Are Designed To Sink Others Require Our Assistance” and the open mouth of a great white shark this stunning design will look incredible on your truck. US Navy approved this military art displayed on this wonderful automotive trailer hitch cover was created with the original artwork only found at Navy Crow. This US Navy design comes with features that let you personalize your hitch cover with your ship information or important dates. Created in full color with the original art of Navy Crow. We are proud to offer all the active-duty US Navy Sailors both past and present this design.

US Navy Attack Submarine Trailer Hitch Cover Product Details

  • US Veteran designed and printed.
  • Under license with the US Navy trademark offices and fully approved.
  • Original artwork of Navy Crow.
  • 3.4” x 4.7” inches.
  • Materials are plastic & outdoor durable aluminum.
  • Hitch pin not included.
  • USA Printed.

Navy Crow has been designing for the US DOD and US Navy commands all over the world. For the past 15 years, the military veterans and artists of Navy Crow have created designs for a variety of associations to include CPOAs, FCPOAs, SCPOAs, JEA’s, and MWR fundraising. Each design is offered exclusively here so our men and woman in uniform can enjoy a hitch cover with design with ship name or other important details. We are proud to offer these designs. All Navy Crow products ship from our offices in the US. If you have any questions about this US Navy trailer hitch cover or wish to receive a quote for your next custom military design please email us at

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