Aegir Viking Norse God Ancient Coin

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Inspired from television series like the History Channel Vikings, a coin rises from antiquity like this Aegir Viking Norse God Ancient Coin. Depicting with intensity and incredible detail a mythological god that have had stories passed on from generation to generation. At 2 inches in diameter with dual toned silver and gold accent colors this Aegir Viking Norse God Ancient Coin stands apart with that old world look and style. As a leading design firm owned and operated by US Veterans, Navycrow.Com is a proud support of the men and women of the United States Navy both past and present.

Navy Crow has for years been supporting the men and women of the United States Navy. It is officially licensed and approved by the United States Navy at the Pentagon. For several years Navy Crow has been developing unique military artwork for US Navy challenge coins and more for US Navy commands all over the world. If you are interested in a custom challenge coin please contact us at for more information. supports the licensing and trademark offices of the United States Navy. A percentage of each sale is sent to their MWR, morale. welfare and recreational activities of their offices. We are honored to work with our US Navy Sailors and provide some of the finest Navy challenge coins in the industry.

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