Sukhoi Su-9 Fishpot USSR Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin


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Sukhoi Su-9 Fishpot USSR Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin with its sleek lines made this an effective combat air interceptor of Soviet Russia. This brand new Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin comes off the chain in design and quality. As part of our Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin series this makes an amazing part of your military coin collection. The fierce and very fast Su-p was capable of speeds up to 1320 mph and was armed with 4 K-5 air-to-air missiles. With 1100 aircraft made she was a prominent interceptor for her years of service from 1959-1970.0 is displayed along with the USSR communist flag, dates of service. Green wreaths stand on each side marking the Cold War. One coin of many in this collectible series of military coins with each displaying a different machine of war.  Collect all Cold War Combatants challenge coins today!

Sukhoi Su-9 Fishpot USSR Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin Product Details

  • Highly detailed 3D Coin
  • Antique Gold and Antique Silver Plating
  • Hand Painted Color Accents
  • 4 mm thickness
  • 2″ Size
  • Serialized

Our Su-9 Fishpot USA Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin side features the detailed American Bald Eagle with colorful red white and blue USA flag behind it while opposite with the Russian Bear and the Soviet Union flag with its Hammer, Sickle and red star. These competing Cold War Nations with the USA and its NATO allies and Soviet Russia with its Warsaw Pact is the force behind the production of each of these Cold War Combatants Challenge Coins. The words Cold War Combatants are prominently displayed along with the Cold War years of 1947 to 1991 colorfully represented. An olive branch wreath symbolizes the triumph of the end of the Cold War and forms a semi-circular border and completes the challenge coins presentation.

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