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Navy Crow’s US Navy National Anthem Challenge Coin was designed not only for US Navy Sailors, but for anyone who is patriotic and proud to be a citizen of the United States of America! This coin is a perfect gift for just about anyone and it is an honor to have in their collection! The front of the coin displays an Eagle and an American Flag which screams freedom as soon as you glance at it! The back of the coin recites the National Anthem which in the 19th century became one of the nation’s best loved songs! During the Civil War many Americans turned to music to express their feelings for the flag and the values that it represented. This highly detailed coin is a must have! for several years has been developing original military challenge coin designs for our US Navy brothers and sisters and it is with great respect we can be of service to them. What makes a great military challenge coin? Originality, incredible craftsmanship, durability, quality and simply put the fact that is looks amazing. That is our goal at and and what stands in front of our desire to build some of the finest challenge coins in the industry.

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  • Highly detailed 3D Coin
  • Antique Gold and Antique Silver Plating
  • Hand Painted
  • 4 mm thickness
  • 2″ Size
  • Limited Edition has for years been supporting the men and women of the United States Navy. It is officially licensed and approved by the United States Navy at the Pentagon. For several years Navycrow.Com has been developing unique military artwork like the US Navy Deck Ape Coin for US military challenge coins that serve as a reminder of one’s career in the US Navy, the commands, ships, squadrons and special activities and events our US Sailors have undergone and participated in. It is an honor to serve you.

Due to the popularity of many of our US Navy coins we can at times be on back order. We are always producing more. If you have a special event, anniversary or critical delivery date and need please contact us at for availability. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. Fair winds and following seas!

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2 reviews for USA Citizen National Anthem US Navy Challenge Coin

  1. Sea Lawyer

    Sadly in this day and age these symbolic gestures have been distorted. Americans never kneeled to any flag, lord or government, Christians kneeled to God above only and no other. Now they are teaching some kind of subservience to the new god, a.k.a. big government. Get everyone to kneel to the flag. Wrong!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The commitment to detail is wonderful. I have ordered several coins. Each one is a work of art and I display them proudly in my office.

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