The 2nd Amendment, the one that protects all others!

All we hear on the news lately is that guns are evil and we need to ban certain weapons or certain magazines, or whatever else it is that somehow allows people to think they will be safer and sleep better at night. There is just one problem with this, every last one of them is completely wrong and has no idea what the premise of the 2nd amendment is all about.

The 2nd amendment wasn’t added to the constitution for hunters, or to protect our homes from burglars. The second amendment was written into the Constitution to ensure that the American people could protect themselves against an overpowering tyrannical government if need be. So, are you willing to give up your most important right to feel a little safer? If so why stop there. You could get rid of the 4th Amendment and allow searches of every American in order to stop crimes before they happen. Better yet we could give up our right to free speech and privacy and allow the government to read and listen to every piece of correspondence from every citizen of the nation in order to make us safer. (Some believe this has already taken place due to the Patriot Act)

There are countries who do all of these things and every one of the countries that do have 1 thing in common. Those countries are not free nations. They are run by dictators and oppressive governments. Those nations don’t need to worry about things like the second Amendment or a Constitution because they can change it on a whim and have no obligation to the citizens of their nations.

The 2nd Amendment Defines our Freedom!

America is a free nation and as such we do have a Constitution that protects the rights of all citizens. If the Constitution is not enough, we have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. That is the fabric in which this nation was built and something all veterans should be able to unite and rally around. We raised our right hand to defend the Constitution of the United States, not see it dismantled under our watch.

Navy Crow just introduced a Molon Labe 1776 design that depicts the coiled snake ready to strike anyone who would attack or step on it. The snake and its coils are colored in the freedom and national colors of America with red, white and blue. Crossed weapons with the protective snake demonstrates America’s resolve to keep her rights and maintain them, in this case the 2nd Amendment. 1776 is about America and her date of Independence and is proudly displayed on this Molon Labe 1776 Navy Design. Own it today by clicking the link below.

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