Without question the Cold War left a huge impact on society from the end of the Second World War and the rise of the Iron Curtain to the removal of the Berlin Wall by then Russian leader Gorbachev. The Secret CIA missions of the Cold war is a peek into the behind the scenes of the chess game during the intense Cold War that pitted America and freedom and then Soviet Union under the rule of Communism.

The Cold War Combatant challenge coins created by Navy Crow fall in suit with the CIA missions and the use of these Cold War machines of war that were designed to fight their opposite across the battlefield when things turned hot.

The Secret CIA Missions of the Cold War
Cold War Combatant Challenge Coins

For over 15 years Navy Crow, the challenge Coin Company and makers of original US military art, have created thousands of challenge coins for US military veterans, family and friends. In addition the custom challenge coins they produce have been created for US Navy commands, US Navy submarines, US Navy ships throughout the fleets, FMF Corpsmen and many other US Navy rates, and more. Each coin is a work of art and designed either in conjunction with the military unit or command or at the request of a person wishing to produce a coin for their military retirement and more. US Navy wardrooms, associations from CPOAs, FCPOAs, SCPOAs, and MWR activities reach out to Navy Crow to have their custom coins produced due to the level of artwork they receive.

The Secret CIA Missions of the Cold War video credit goes to Timeline World Documentaries for producing such an amazing video like this.