Honoring and celebrating the United States Military with ceremonies and birthdays has been a traditions since its inception. With most of our country’s military celebrating its birthdays going back as far as 1775 they often remind us that they are older than America and they would be right. The United States Navy Reserve and its US Navy Veterans also has its birthday which it celebrates every March 3. The US Navy Reserve Birthday Over 100 Years In The Making is about to celebrate another birthday.

The US Navy Reserve In World War 1

As a result of World War 1, the United States formed in 1915 the Navy Reserve which consisted of almost 84 percent of the Navy’s fighting force during the war.

US Navy In World War 1

The US Navy Reserve has been recognized for a variety of things including but not limited to five future U.S. Presidents and 15 recipients of the Medal of Honor. That is no laughing matter. The Navy Reserve has since had reservists serve in every major war in which the United States has fought. These Sailors have traveled the world over, fought in nearly all naval engagements and participated in every war since WW1.

Even though we can no longer speak to or shake the hand of a US Navy Reserve veteran from WW1 their memory and accomplishments will forever be remembered.

The active duty US Navy relies heavily on the Naval Reserve with its operations offering support and supply having 25 percent of its cadre working to deliver global operational support to the US Navy fleet and her combat forces. Of particular note has been the US Navy Reserve participating in over 70,000 mobilizations of Selected Reservists going back to September 11, 2001, with more than 4,500 deployments by reservists serving on Full-Time Support. The US Navy Reserve works hand in hand with the active duty United States Navy. They are paired to succeed each serving to succeed in a team oriented manner.

US Navy Reserve A Commanding Force

With over 100,000 US Navy reservists serving as either the Selected Reserve (SELRES) or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Sailors this represents a very powerful force. What role does the US Navy Reserve play? Reservists serve to amplify the US Navy’s core capabilities and operations, which includes forward presence, deterrence, sea control, power projection, maritime security, humanitarian assistance, and disaster response. Our US Navy is more than just a powerful naval supremacy force. It is involved in humanitarian relief efforts globally and the US Navy Reserve is there with them hand in hand.

A direct relationship exists between the challenge coin makers of Vision Strike Coins and the US Navy reserve with each and every original design that is offered. The US Navy Reserves like its older brother on active service has its rates, its commands and units like any other from the NOSC’s located all over the US to the training facilities maintained by the US Navy for its Sailors. These US Navy challenge coins offered were designed specifically for these incredible men and women that we honor as United States Navy Sailors.