For most of us we know at least one Vietnam Veteran. Maybe it was a dad, an uncle, cousin or close friend you grew up with down the street. Regardless there was never a war that touched on every aspect of the American consciousness like the Vietnam War did. From Kennedy to Johnson and into the Nixon years the United States was involved in a Southeast Asian war unlike any other. Not only from the sad planning and US military leadership like General Westmoreland but also on the home front where our Veterans returned to something they have never witnessed before: the blame of the war. We had to design a Vietnam Veteran US Navy challenge coin because it was too important not to. The Vietnam War welcome home.

How wrong we were then and even now. We should thank these men and women that served our country and do so with a smile, a handshake and word of thanks. They deserve it as much as any US military veteran before them. My father was there. An air medic patching up US Marines having left combat and keeping them alive on a medical flight to Tokyo. My uncle was as a US Air Force payload Sergeant packing the dangerous and later untold jungle clearing chemicals. We all had family and friends there and even as the years pass further and further from the Ten Thousand Day War to the present we still see these veterans, hats on straight, looking ahead, a smile maybe and hopefully a little peace in their lives now that enough time has passed. It is a time to thank them and with every opportunity welcome them home.

A Veteran Coin Just For Them

Without question it was a labor of love to have created a Vietnam Veteran coin for the men and women who served in the humid jungles and places of Vietnam. Places many of us will never know from Pleiku, Khe Sanh, Dak To, Saigon, Hue City and the fighting up and down the Mekong River. We created a coin for you. We hope this small gesture from us at Navy Crow will in some way honor you and your service like the men and women that served and fought before you.

Vietnam Veterans Challenge Coin