Top 10 Navy Gifts Under $25


Every time you look up there is new holiday around the corner. Starting the year off is usually Valentines Day (Unless there is a birthday or two beforehand), then of course you have Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Graduations, Christmas, and many more. I ask myself the same question for every one of these occasions. What gift fits this person that also fits my budget. In order to help with both of these things I have come up with a list of Navy gifts for that special Sailor that is sure to impress but also won’t break the bank.

10. US Navy Veteran Challenge Coin Starting off at number 10 we have this US Navy Veteran Challenge Coin. Currently advertised at only $17.75 this coin will make a great addition to any sailors collection. Whether this is the first coin they ever receive or just another piece in their extensive collection the appreciation will be all the same. The coin features remarkably detailed artwork depicting some of the Navy’s most recognizable symbols including the ever present Anchor. The phrase “It Can Not be Bought” reminds others that the title of veteran is always earned through “blood, sweat, and tears.


Merica 7.62 mm Bullet Rocks US Navy Glass9.  Coming in at number 9 we have a real shot of patriotism. Navy Gifts like this add a little extra to any Sailors’ personal bar. Or it could be just their new favorite rocks glass. The Merica 7.62 mm Bullet Rocks US Navy Glass is currently listed on sale for $24.95, just under our $25 established budget. Yet this Navy Gift offers something different and special. The recipient of this glass can sip their favorite rum, whiskey, or bourbon (among others) in a glass that boasts the American flag and a 7.62 mm bullet “piercing” through the glass. What is more American than sipping your spirit of choice in a glass boasting the American flag, and a replica 7.62 mm round of ammunition?

Whatever Doesn't Kill You Shirt8.  The Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger US Navy Shirt is designed by United States Navy Sailors for both active duty US Navy and retired USN Veterans. This US Navy shirt is created with a distinct connection to the history and heritage of the United States Navy and designed for the US Navy Sailors both past and present with whom it is an honor to serve. Starting at a price of just $17.76 you really can’t go wrong with this shirt. The high quality material along with the stunning design make this an ideal gift for veterans young and old alike.


US Navy First Class Petty Officer Stein7. This US Navy First To Lead 1st Class Petty Officer Stein displays your favorite United States Navy art on this huge 16 ounce stein. USA Made! This 16 ounce white ceramic mug printed in the USA in our offices in Dallas, TX. It is currently on sale for just $21.00 which fits nicely into anyone’s budget. This stein is perfect as a decoration around the house, or to sip your favorite beer. Designed to hold 16 ounces of ice cold refreshment, this mug is big enough for even the saltiest of Sailors. Let’s be honest, most of our 1st Class Petty Officers are old salty dogs.


Non Sibi Sed Patriae Ancient Liberty US Navy Challenge Coin6. The Non Sibi Sed Patriae Ancient Liberty US Navy Challenge Coin marks the US Navy’s connection to the history, lore and fighting spirit of the sea warriors of legendary past. The ancient coin of the United States Navy. Some coins define the time and history of the age they were minted in. Some nautical challenge coins define a people, a civilization or a culture of sea-going warriors that have become mythical. Throughout the ages as men have gone to sea to battle their adversaries on the waters, seas and oceans of the world their first rule was to successful navigate harrowing tides to reach the enemy. This coin is perfect for the Sailor with a mature collection. It also makes a unique coin for a young Sailor just starting their collection. Listed at just $17.75 you really can’t beat the value for this gift.

Rounding Out the Top 5

US Veteran Lapel Pin

5. Starting off at number 10 we have this US Navy Veteran Lapel Pin. Currently as low as $9.00 this pin will make any sailor look stylish. The lapel features remarkably detailed artwork depicting some of the Navy’s most recognizable symbols including the ever present Anchor. The phrase “It Can Not be Bought” reminds others that the title of veteran is always earned through “blood, sweat, and tears. It is sure to be appreciated by sailors young an old alike.


Skull Shot Glass 4. This Skull Shot Glass is the symbolic skull of victory. Small enough to keep in your seabag or display it on your bar or in your man cave. This Skull Shot Glass measures 2 1/8″ x 3″ x 2 3/8″ and makes the perfect military gift for United States Sailors. This Skull Shot Glass is made of glass and handcrafted and blown by the finest glass blowers in the industry with incredible detail desired by US Sailors. At $12.95 this gift is a steal as well as a great gift


3. This US Navy Veteran License Plate Frame is made in the USA and only $23.95. Designed for US Navyactive duty, US Navy Veterans and military prior service. Each US Navy license plate frame features top and bottom sublimated printed design strips that are poly coated for a protective gloss finish. This is one of many US Navy designs and products that are uniquely offered at Navycrow.Com. 


2. This Ship Of The Line Custom Warship Ball Cap is fully embroidered with you United States Navy warship name and hull number with text on the back featuring the USN phrase The Sea Is Ours. At only $24.95 these highly popular flexfit USN ball caps are embroidered in our offices and created for both active duty and US Navy Veterans. With the term The Sea Is Ours embroidered on the back of each of these US Navy Warship ball caps its sends a statement about our strength, determination, courage, dedication and passion for the sea It is ours!

 1. We started with a coin so its only fitting that we should end with a coin. Sometimes one just needs to raise the black flag and start slitting throats and if that doesn’t work popping the top off your favorite drink also works. This US Navy Jolly Roger Bottle Opener is designed with the same great style, look and originality found at Navycrow.Com with knife, skull and bones with one side text reading The Sea Is Ours and the reverse side stating Since 1775! Priced at exactly $17.75 this dual purpose coin is the absolute perfect gift for a Sailor’s collection, and his/her bar.



In closing this guide will help anyone looking for Navy gifts to give their favorite sailor. If none of these meet the mark or your budget is slightly above $25 visit our site