US Navy 243rd Birthday Celebrates With Top Challenge Coins

243rd years of dedication, pride, courage and commitment to the United States, the US Constitution and the protection and defense of America and her way of life placing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness above all things. The United States Navy has a proud tradition that goes back to October 13, 1775 making her a year older than the United States. The US Navy has participated and fought in every war this country has been involved in and has served us proudly. The US Navy has also been the protector of peace and brings a unifying message of cooperation with America’s allies, has been directly involved in the help and well being of other nations during times of difficulty caused by natural disasters and bring much needed first aid supplies and relief to nations in the path of tropical storms and hurricanes and so much more. Out of respect to her Sailors Navy Crow has designed and crafted US Navy challenge coins for this special occasion in celebrating the US Navy 243rd Birthday Celebrates With Top Challenge Coins.

The Navy’s Birthday was established as an official holiday when Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt authorized the recognition of October 13th as the official birthday of the United States Navy in 1972. It was designed as an internal holiday for current naval members, former naval members and dependents of both active service and retired members.

Today, the Navy’s Birthday is celebrated by the U.S Navy by hosting a Naval Ball. During this ball, participants dress in their Navy uniforms, dance, listen to music and at the end of the night, cut an enormous birthday cake. Members of the U.S Navy may also celebrate this holiday with smaller balls for servicemen serving all over the world.

Over many years Navy Crow has been asked to produce US Navy Challenge Coins for active duty personnel and used for its fundraising activities for Navy Ball and it has been a magical ride of creativity and collaboration with the US Navy and its Sailors. Many of the US Navy Challenge Coins seen below are examples of the work they have done in serve to the US Navy and have made the list of top US Navy Challenge coins produced and minted for them. The US Navy 243rd Birthday Celebrates With Top Challenge Coins and below you will find these highly popular military coins designed for this wonderful event.

Never think for a second that a Navy squid is a bad thing. I wouldn’t want to meet a real one on their turf.

Are you a Shellback?

US Navy Seabees have been part of many US Navy Birthday balls we have designed coins for.

Without a doubt Popeye has been highly popular since his enlistment into the US Navy himself back in 1941 during the Second World War. This Popeye challenge coin is one of the top US Navy coin designs produced to date.

Don’t forget the US Navy and its Gators. These big boys in the US Navy fleet have had more than one incredible US Navy Birthday ball and we were there.

US Navy Boats. The United States Boatswain’s Mates are affectionately called Deck Apes by friends. They are the workhorses of the US Navy and when it comes to ensuring the US Navy is fit and its ships are in tip top shape this US Navy rate gets the job done.

US Navy Culinary Specialists. How can you have a US Navy Birthday Ball without the Kings and Queens of the galley. Their culinary delights can be absolutely amazing. This is a US Navy rate that gets the job done. Stew Burners!

Never forget our US Navy Veterans. After a ton of requests to have US Navy challenge coins produced with a way to personalize and customize their important dates and information, Navy Crow responded to the growing US Navy Birthday Ball right along with the growing population of US Navy Veterans that honor and celebrate the US Navy Birthday ball right along with their brothers and sisters currently serving in uniform and on active duty status.

US Navy Veterans can now enjoy several custom engraved challenge coins that are critical to have in their challenge coin collection and displayed in their shadowboxes . These coins complete the list of top US Navy challenge coins crafted in honor of the US Navy 243rd Birthday. With 220 characters to add to these masterful and engraved US Navy challenge coins you can have your most important dates, Navy rates, ships, commands, squadrons and duty stations added with a professional engraved, diamond etched US navy Challenge coin engraved.

Cold War Veteran US Navy Challenge Coin Engraved

Cold War Veteran US Navy Challenge Coin Engravable

Cold War Veteran Challenge Coin Engravable

Desert Storm Veteran US Navy Challenge Coin Engraved

Desert Storm Veteran US Navy Challenge Coin Engravable

Desert Storm Veteran Military Coin

US Veteran Navy Challenge Coin Engraved

US Veteran Navy Challenge Coin Engravable

US Veteran Blood Sweat and Tears US Navy Challenge Coin

A very happy congratulations to the United States Navy and their upcoming 243rd birthday. Fair winds and following seas.

Navy Crow