The tradition continues with the United States Navy with each Sailor allowed to wear with their working uniforms a custom US Navy belt buckle. Of course each command operates on its own and the leadership and top brass ultimately making the final call. But when the decision to wear a US Navy belt buckle and the Sea Is Ours design offered by Navy Crow there is a rush to get them nearly as fast as a Sailor hitting the bar scene in the Gas Lamp District in San Diego when their ship makes port.

US Navy Belt Buckles The Sea Is Ours
US Navy Belt Buckles The Sea Is Ours

Both the men and women of the United States Navy wear these custom naval belt buckles and whether it’s the Sea Is Ours belt buckle or a custom one the results are often the same with a sense of comradery based on the command, a squadron or the ship they are on. Both men and women of the US Navy were them with the direction of the back of the buckle being worn opposite of one another in terms of how the belt feeds through the buckle but the buckle and the art in the front remains the same.

The Sea Is Ours

A swashbuckling pirate with skull and crossed bones, a true iconic sea going design with Sea Is Ours wording, and the date of 1775 (Birth year of the United States Navy) are all represented. A time honored classical design that is perfect for your Type 3 uniform or when worn in public. It’s the perfect, original artwork of Navy Crow and has been one of the most popular US Navy belt buckles in recent years. Take a moment to check out the YouTube video on this wonderful USN belt buckle and see how the details come out.

For over 15 years Navy Crow, the challenge Coin Company and makers of original US military art, have created thousands of challenge coins for US military veterans, family and friends. In addition the custom challenge coins they produce have been created for US Navy commands, US Navy submarines, US Navy ships throughout the fleets, FMF Corpsmen and many other US Navy rates, and more. Each coin is a work of art and designed either in conjunction with the military unit or command or at the request of a person wishing to produce a coin for their military retirement and more. US Navy associations from CPOAs, FCPOAs, SCPOAs, and MWR activities reach out to VSC to have their custom coins produced due to the level of artwork they receive.