US Navy challenge coins have been a part of the history and traditions of the United States Navy for decades. From the warships including both surface warships, the silent service and the US Navy submarines, the airedales and the naval airpower they display each US Navy command has at one time or another produced a US Navy challenge coin. 

From Subic Bay to 32nd Street

The US Navy has over hundreds of active duty warships deployed at any time across the globe and from one port to another they sail protecting the sea lanes, visiting friendly ally ports of call and they go where the US Navy is called upon to perform humanitarian relief work or rid a would be tyrannical dictator from their self aggrandized role of some 2 bit government leadership. 

The US Navy has parked off of North Korea displaying its role as a world leading naval superpower when threats of nuclear weapons have been pointed at the US mainland. The US Navy has had to and destroyed Somali pirates when called upon to do so. The US Navy has protected shipping lanes in the Straits of Hormuz when needed and when totally required has fired off Tomahawks and ended dictators from miles off the coastlines. 

Each of these US Navy warships have more than one thing in common. One very sure area of commonality are the US Navy warship coins they have designed and collected for their ship, command, unit, association, deployment or similar activity. The US Navy challenge coin has been the one hallmark of a long deployment or the retirement of a commanding officer or a Chief of the boat. 

Don’t I Rate A Coin?

Of course you do and like your brothers and sisters in arms you all have earned a US Navy rate challenge coin crafted with art and a look befitting your US Navy rate from Aviation Boatswain’s Mate to Yeoman. The development of a US Navy challenge coin featuring your rate has a lot of research that goes into its design. 

Every US Navy coin featuring a rate has the rate logo seen or work on a US Navy uniform. Then one looks for a slogan, date, tools of the trade, maybe a military mascot, a ship, submarine or aircraft and then organizes it. Top the art off with razor sharp hand drawn art and top of the line craftsmanship and before you know it an incredible US Navy challenge coin.

US Navy Challenge Coins

From the USS Constitution (WE have done her US Navy Chief coins) to the USS John C Stennis, USS America, USS Nimitz, USS Ticonderoga, USS Gettysburg and hundreds more we have worked with every division on board these ships from the deck division and the Boatswain’s Mates to the A-Gang and those that sail below the deck Machinist Mates.

Each role and job in the US Navy has had a US Navy challenge coin produced by Navy Crow and we are honored to have done so. The F-18 squadrons both at home or when on detachment, E2C Hawkeyes, Poseidon and Orions and their VP squadrons and the thousands of US Navy Goat Lockers, FCPOAs, SCPOAs, JEA’s and MWR leadership has been involved in a US Navy challenge coin. Try a F-35 squadron with its US Navy coins that are made as fast as these airframes themselves? We have done it.

The US Navy challenge coins that really stand apart are those displaying with fierce originality the military art and design of experienced artists and veterans. Navy Crow has such a team of qualified US Navy challenge coin designers. 

Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen H. Hicks gives challenge coins to sailors during a meet-and-greet event at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., April 8, 2021.