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The rough, hewn and weathered look of this  US Navy Chiefs Goatlocker Vintage Coin™  suggests experience, dedication, commitment and an overriding desire to maintain the highest level of service as a United States Navy Chief.




The US Navy Chief Petty Officer has a rich heritage officially dating back to 1 April 1893, prior to this the title “Chief” was used sporadically.  According to “History of the Chief Petty Officer Grade,” by U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer 4 Lester B. Tucker, the earliest known use of the term dates back to 1776 when Jacob Wasbie, a cook’s mate, was pronounced “Chief Cook” aboard USS Alfred. Since then these Deckplate Leaders have left a lasting legacy and helped to shape the future of the US Navy transitioning from the wooden sailing ships of old into the coal burning Iron Clad steam ships into the nuclear powered state of the art warships of today.




The Navy Chief knows that they are not alone in their voyage across the Seven Seas, for they have the Mess to help them to steer the course. Back in the days of sail, Sailors would often bring livestock specifically goats aboard the ships. The goats served as walking garbage disposals and also had the pleasurable side effect of producing fresh milk while at sea for the Sailors. A most enticing delicacy all things considered! The goats were kept in the CPO Mess for “safekeeping”, and during meal time the Chiefs would gather in the Mess and break bread together as brothers and would speak openly of the trials and tribulations daily life at sea. Gradually the CPO Mess would become known colloquially as the Goat Locker, a name that has lasted the test of time.



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Chiefs Anchors


The Navy Goatlocker Tavern Vintage coin see here is a vintage coin with all the details that has made this military coin such a favorite among the Chiefs. It possesses the quality of both original and detail that our USN Chiefs expect from a US Navy coin designed in their honor.


Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition Navy Chief challenge coin.


Licensed and approved by the United States Navy.


The US Navy Chief Goatlocker Vintage Coin ™.

Second side displays US Navy Crest.

Metallic with gold accents.

Licensed and approved by the United States Navy.

2 inch coin

Highly detailed relief US Navy Commemorative Coin.



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