US Navy Master-At-Arms: Sheriffs of the Sea, the First Command Master Chiefs

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Navy Crow is pleased to announce the debut of their latest project to honor each and every rate within the World’s Finest Navy.

It is only fitting that the  Master-At-Arms force, one of the oldest rates in the Navy was given the honor of being the “Plankowner” for this newest series of coins. US Navy warships, submarines and aircraft demonstrate the combined power of the power of the United States Navy coins as seen on each of these US Navy Rating Badge challenge coins. Since 1775 the USN has taken command of the seas and oceans of the world. The Sea is ours by their efforts, dominance and strength of command and duty.


The men and women that make up the United States Navy Sailors are among the most highly trained in the history of naval combat. US Navy ratings, each covering a vital role and area of responsibility within the US Navy are crafted into each of these artisan made USN Rating Badge coins. Perfect for your personal US Navy military coin collection. Honor, Courage, Commitment are the words they live by!

The design features a 1st Class Petty Officer Master-at-Arms rating badge, choose between red or gold chevrons. The background features Neptune’s Trident flanked by an anchor chain. The crossed trident remind us of the legacy of the Sailors whom have sailed before us. The anchor chain binds us as Petty Officers in the World’s Finest Navy brothers and sisters in arms. The sea mines remind us of the perilous dangers that present themselves daily in our task.

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Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition challenge coin.

  • Fully licensed and approved by the United States Navy.
  • The US Navy Master-At-Arms 1st Gold Chevrons Coin™.
  • Deep 3D relief with metallic accents
  • Licensed and approved by the United States Navy.
  • 2 inch coin.
  • 4mm Thickness
  • Highly detailed relief US Navy Commemorative Coin.