US Navy patches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but at Navy Crow they
come with the added custom US Navy artwork only see with these military
artists. Our US Navy morale patches are among the elite in design and designed with razor sharp graphics. The heralded military patch has gone from the archaic days of simple
sew on to more elaborate designs, intricate patterns with and without Velcro on
body armor, weapons and more. 

PVC Military Patches

Without question the PVC military patch has become the household brand when
it comes to highly detailed three-dimensional military patches. These popular
patches have taken on a new level of excitement because of their finished look,
quality and their applications from applying them to a females Velcro area on
your M4 rifle to the patch area seen on the pilot’s helmet of a Blackhawk helicopter. Door gunners are famous for wearing their descriptive PVC military patches and the morale
and wisdom of the era are easily seen on each military patch they wear.

US Navy Patches
US Navy Patches

US Navy Morale patches too have become highly popular like the US Navy Chief
patch displayed above to the ones shouting out our birth right from a display
of patriotic American blood like a Don’t Tread On Me flag, American flag in subdued
colors, This We’ll Defend slogan or something more akin to the United States
Navy with its Chief’s anchors, rates and more display with military pride the
look and feel of a squared away PVC military morale patch like the ones we
carry at Navy Crow.