For the past decade the US military veterans and artists of Navy Crow have been hard at work creating some of the most detailed and original artwork for their brothers and sisters in the United States Navy. It has been a labor of love for us and something we are passionate about. It is because of this wonderful relationship with the US Navy that we want to provide some of the best artwork to all of you in the greater NAS Jacksonville area when it comes to screenprinting and challenge coin design. This is a US Navy NAS Jacksonville Alert to all US Navy commands there about our services and getting some amazing designs done for you.

Why the sudden need for an alert?

Sometimes we jsut have to shout louder than the others to be heard and then seen. All hands on deck! Some of the best designs we have ever done started as a small concept working closely with a CPO mess or FCPOA that ultimately was later used on USN shirts seen all over the fleets. We have had a lot of fun designing some US Navy shirts for rates, warships, boats and squadrons over these many years.

We are firm believers in America, support her military through and through and as US veterans we always appreciate it when either active duty US Navy or retired US navy start their businesses. We wish them all the success in the world. In this trying time of post-Covid and uncertainty with respect to the financial well-being of many American homes, jobs etc. We understand that it is a God-given right to start a small business whether it’s to help pay a few bills or to ramp up and really go for it like so many of us have done when our backs were up against the wall.

From our earliest beginnings as a small military design form to what we have grown to today we have never left our small business veteran roots. That is why we have always striven to provide the finest in custom military shirt designs and coins seen in the industry and why we are letting the US navy commands at NAS Jacksonville know a little bit about us.

What do we specialize in? United States Navy shirts both for shore commands, associations, MWR activities, fundraising for CPO messes, FCPOA associations, SCPOA associations, JEA associations and way more. Again the need to alert the greater NAS Jacksonville area about the level of artwork they can have and will receive from Navy Crow is what this is all about.

Custom US Navy Shirts And Apparel

Come And Get It!

Each of the incredible commands at NAS Jax should know how to get the best in custom US Navy shirts and coins to include the folowing commands: Navy Construction Batallion Mobile Unit, Patrol Recon Wing ELEVEN, Carrier Tactical Support Center (CVTSC) Ashore, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution, FACSFAC Jacksonville, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, Jacksonville, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Support Device (NAWC TSD), Naval Munitions Command (NMCLANT DET JAX), Navy Band, Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE), HSM-74, TPU/PCF Jacksonville, CNATTU Jacksonville, VP-16, VP-26, VP-30, VP-62, FRCSE Jacksonville, HSM 70, HSM-72, VP-5, VP-8, VR-58, VR-62, Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), FACSFAC Jacksonville, Fleet & Industrial Supply Center, Jacksonville Naval Hospital, Aviation Survival Training Center (ASTC), HSM-60 and NCTAMS LANT Detachment to name a few of the commands.

CPO Mess Shirts

Having designed for hundreds of CPO Messes we have gained a knowledge working with the backbone of the US Navy and the US Navy Chiefs creating custom designs for them. Without question its way more than jsut an anchor we are drawing. Its now 130 years of initiatiation, hard work, skill development, countless sacrifice and honor they have passed down in their chargebooks and vessels to the next generation of Navy Chief. We have been honored to work with each command and designed for the excellence that this deck plate leadership is all about.

The Solution to Great Shirts: Artwork

There are many solutions to creating a great custom US navy shirt for your command and it begins with one simple thing: great artwork.

  • Maybe its a mascot for a VP squadron or a carrier or maybe using the crest of an Arleigh Burke destroyer and putting it on steroids with more military elemtns and ideas. Could be chnaging the colors, adding text and finding the right font that brings the entire design together.
  • Locate the artist. Get your team on board with a military designer. Not every print shop across from the gate can do what truly needs to be done. You really need the best when it comes to US Navy artwork. Here you get it.
  • Have custom art made for you. Many printers out there don’t have a skilled design team that can produce the cool designs that the men and women of the United States Navy want. Instead they copy and paste or use what they are given since they don’t take the time to research who that art belongs to and they just print away. The best and most successful US Navy shirt designs are ones that started as an original design.
  • Get the best. The msot successfull military fundraising shirts begin with the best and most original designs. Don’t let the Sailors of your command simply round file it because the design wasn’t good. The point is that a design can be and the better it is the more Sailors will want it. Problem solved.
  • Originality is where it is at. Cut and paste won;t get it done unless “Cheap shirts” is what its all about. Have someone draw it ande make it stand out on the flight deck, quarterdeck, or down any gangway. Hell any ship with US Marines on it will be envious they don;t have a shirt design like the ones we can create for the US Navy.

Commands at NAS Jacksonville

Let us provide you with original US Navy artwork and custom US Navy shirts for the best experience ever. We provide an extensive list of production technologies from Screenprinting to direct-to-garment printing, challenge coin design and production, belt buckle design and production and more. Type 3 Coyote brown shirts for CPO Mess shirts, FCPOA shirts, SCPOA shirts, and JEA shirts, Wardroom shirts with a full range of art capabilities and over 30 plus design experience working with US Navy commands all over the world. Don’t let the US Navy NAS Jacksonville Alert hit your command that you don;t have the best United States Navy art for it. Get original art made and be better than the others..

Custom US Navy Coins

Safety Brief

At the end of the day it’s all about quality. Quality in military art and design and the finished military apparel your command decided to use and have made. The safest and best way to navigate this is to produce quality, original artwork that you know belongs to you and your command before venturing out on the high seas and enlisting the design services of Navy Crow because you and your command want the best. of artistic disaster when art is taken and used that produces low quality US Navy shirts and creates bad blood amongst printers. Get original art done from the start and get the best shirts for your command. At Navy Crow we will make that happen for you.

VP-40 Fighting Marlins Patrol Squadron Custom US Navy Shirt
VP-40 Fighting Marlins Patrol Squadron Custom US Navy Shirt

So when a US Navy NAS Jacksonville Alert is brought up you will know it has to do with getting the finest military art, shirts and coins made with a dedicated art team.