USS Enterprise "The Big E"
USS Enterprise “The Big E”

It can easily be argued that the most famous of United States Navy warships to ever set sail was the USS Constitution. Let’s face it she sits on active duty with her wooden decks, cannons, masts and anchor in Boston Harbor and is prominently displayed on the United States Navy ACE (Anchor, Constitution and Eagle) crest. But arguably there might be one more ship that can claim the title of the most famous of US Navy Warships: USS Enterprise “The Big E”!

Was She Ever a Beautiful Aircraft Carrier!

USS Enterprise (CV-6) was the seventh U.S. Navy vessel named Enterprise. Colloquially called “The Big E”, she was the 6th aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. A Yorktown-class carrier, she was launched in 1936 and was one of only three American carriers commissioned before World War II to survive the war. Wikipedia Her 20 battle stars having served throughout the Second World War brought her prominence among Americans at home, honor to her crew, and raised more than a few eye brows among the Japanese Imperial Navy when she had been reported sunk on 3 separate occasions none of which was true. The Japanese Navy continued to find ways to sink the Gray Ghost even when they could not do it through conventional means.

Battle Stars

The USS Enterprise (CV-6) was the most decorated US Navy ship in World War II, receiving a Presidential Unit Citation, a Navy Unit Commendation, and 20 Battle Stars.

World Of Warships Inspired

Without question one of the most exciting and historically accurate war games to reach the market has been World Of Warships. A game that encompasses the over nature and character of war at sea and uses warships designed and send to sea by its countries to wage war between islands, on the open water, and in missions that leave the player absolutely wanting more.

The USS Enterprise is one of the many ships that World Of Warships uses to create a lifelike war setting. As the most decorated ship in the United States Navy and as one of the most popular warships to command we designed the USS Enterprise CV-6 challenge coin because of our inspiration found within World Of Warships and our dedication to supporting the history and traditions of the United States Navy with a commemorative US Navy coin that honors the USS Enterprise, its crew, family and friends.

USS Enterprise NC-1701 And Star Trek

With a name like Enterprise it wouldn’t be long before Hollywood and television brought the name of Enterprise to the forefront of entertainment in America. The USS Enterprise was selected by Gene Rodenberry as the ship’s name for what would become one of the most successful if not famous science fiction series in America.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk would command the USS Enterprise, NC-1701, the flagship of the Federation to “go boldly where no man has gone before” and sail into history with children and adults alike and mark a new generation of American Navy sailors destined for action in the galaxies and space systems among the stars.

If you love Star Trek as much as we do then how can you not love the ship USS Enterprise. Perhaps one of the most iconic spaceships to ever sail the stars.

75th Anniversary Of World War 2

This year, 2020, marks the 75th Anniversary of World War. With this incredible and once in a lifetime opportunity to honor our American veterans of WW2 we have launched a series of US Navy warship challenge coin to commemorate this event.

The first World Of Warships inspired challenge for the WW2 75th anniversary is the USS Enterprise CV-6. Displayed on one side of this remarkable and original US Navy warship design features the USS Enterprise, her hull number CV-6, a top down view of this incredible aircraft carrier adorned with the US flag. Crafted with an antique gold and silver look and hand painted with our American colors of red white and blue this handsome commemorative challenge coin is the only one offered like it in the challenge coin industry.

The next series of WW2 75th Anniversary commemorative coins can be found in our dedicated US Navy challenge coin section found at World of Warships!