A United States Navy cruiser the USS Indianapolis was responsible for delivering critical components of the atomic bombs that would later devastate the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan thus ending all hostilities with the Empire Of Japan. USS Indianapolis brought the A-Bomb and ushered in the atomic age.

The End Of World War 2.

When the USS Indianapolis departed her port and somewhere between Guam and Leyte Gulf she was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine splitting her in half. She sank in less than 12 minutes with 300 sailors trapped inside. Her secret mission ultimately ended World War 2.

Shark Attack

Sadly because he mission was so secretive nobody knew of her sinking until 4 days after the ship went down. Only 316 United States Navy Sailors left the water alive. It was due tot he Tiger shark attacks and what would become the largest shark attack in history. So when the USS Indianapolis Brought The A-Bomb it was not without incredible loss.

The USS Indianapolis has been to Hollywood more than once. In the blockbuster movie, Jaws, the USS Indianapolis sinking and the shark attack story was discussed.

The USS Indianapolis film starring Nicholas Cage as her Captain was another Hollywood opportunity to tell the tale of this famous World War 2 warship. The mission of the USS Indianapolis ended the war and ended careers.

Warships Of World War 2

The year 2020 marked the end of WW2 with the signing of peace between the United States and Japan in Tokyo harbor aboard the USS Missouri. With 22 original US Navy World Of Warship challenge coins created, each coin is a living testimony to the rich history of the US Navy, the incredible Sailors aboard these magnificent warships and America’s role in bringing peace and ending all hostilities at the end of WW2. The year 2020 is the 75th Diamond Anniversary of the end of WW and these US Navy World Of Warship coins honor this event.

The USS Indianapolis World Of Warships World War 2 Coin

With exceptional quality and detail the coin produced by Navy Crow honoring the Sailors aboard the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) is memorialized with the image of the cruiser, the atomic bomb, the amazing lines of the ship with its bow line and super structure, US flag and vibrant ocean blues and red and white US flag colors. Finished with antique gold and silver accents this is a richly made WW2 collectible coin that has no equal.

USS Indianapolis Warships of WW2 75th Anniversary Coin
USS Indianapolis Warships of WW2 75th Anniversary Coin