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Custom hull number that will be printed on your decal.

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US Navy Haze Gray and Underway Decal for the Sailors of the United States Navy that served aboard America’s finest warships! You and your brothers served along one another as a crew, a team, as the finest US Navy Sailors America has ever produced. Your proud ship’s hull number is displayed prominently in the center of this Haze Gray and Underway decal. Nautical maps and a compass are symbolic elements of the sea and ships that are underway. The gray color of this USN decal represents the color of sea going US Navy warships. Together they form the US Navy Haze Gray and Underway Decal crafted for your ship. Tell us what your ship’s hull number is by typing it into the information box and we will update your decal to match your hull number request and print a masterfully crafted custom US Navy US Navy Haze Gray and Underway Decal.




  1. Select from a variety of sizes.
  2. Vinyl decal made in the USA.
  3. Comes with laminate. Adhesive is on the reverse side from the graphic.
  4. Licensed and approved by the US Navy.


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