Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper US Navy Challenge Coin

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Introducing the US Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper Coin, featuring the iconic submarine quote: “Take her fast, Take her deep, Take her where the fishes sleep…” Crafted specifically for US Navy Dolphins, this coin pays homage to the formidable force that has dominated the depths since 1900.

Submarines strike fear into the hearts of adversaries, lurking beneath the ocean’s surface as the most lethal killers in naval history. For surface sailors, submarines pose the greatest threat, capable of launching devastating torpedoes with stealth and precision. The sobering reality of their presence is felt even in the comfort of one’s rack, knowing they could strike at any moment.

Submariners live surrounded by death, navigating alongside humanity’s most devastating weapons. It is this indomitable spirit that inspired Navy Crow to create this best-selling design, capturing the metal essence of submarine life. Whether gifted to friends, fellow Chiefs, or kept as a personal memento, this coin embodies the courage and resilience of the US Navy’s Silent Service.

But keep to the code: Never. Stop. Being. Badass.
Check out the Navy Submarine Force Coin here!

  • The original US Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper Coin.
  • Deep 3D relief with antique gold and silver metallic accents
  • Transparent colors
  • Hand Painted green and gold color accents
  • Licensed and approved by the US Military.
  • 2.0 inch coin
  • Highly detailed relief Coin. has for years been supporting the men and women of the United States Navy. It is officially licensed and approved by the United States Navy at the Pentagon. For several years Navycrow.Com has been developing unique military artwork like the US Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper Coin for US military challenge coins that serve as a reminder of one’s career in the US Navy, the commands, ships, squadrons and special activities and events our US Sailors have undergone and participated in. It is an honor to serve you.

Due to the popularity of many of our US Navy coins we can at times be on back order. We are always producing more. If you have a special event, anniversary or critical delivery date and need please contact us at for availability. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. Fair winds and following seas!

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  1. Paul Z. (verified owner)

    Excellent 🙂 like the weight n the details. And the fact that you’re coins are numbered 🙂

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