Warheads On Foreheads IYAOYAS US Navy Challenge Coin




Introducing the “Warheads On Foreheads” IYAOYAS US Navy Challenge Coin, dedicated to the red shirts of the US military. This striking coin features a skeletal grim reaper wielding a scythe, adorned with a Punisher necklace and tattered robes. Surrounding the design are 500-pound bombs, emphasizing the lethal nature of ordnance work.

The iconic acronym “IYAOYAS” (If You Ain’t Ordnance You Ain’t Shit) and the text “Warheads On Foreheads” are prominently displayed, underscoring the pride and prowess of ordnance personnel. Crafted with unique gold and silver accent metals, this original design from Navy Crow is a testament to the dedication and skill of those in the ordnance field.

Warheads On Foreheads IYAOYAS US Navy Challenge Coin Product Details 

  • Highly detailed 3D Coin
  • Antique Gold and Antique Silver Plating
  • Hand Painted Color Accents
  • 4 mm thickness
  • 2″ Size
  • Serialized

Our Warheads On Foreheads IYAOYAS US Navy Challenge Coin is officially Licensed by the United States Navy and was designed for active duty US Navy Sailors, veterans, prior service and friends of America’s Navy. 100% produced by US Veterans and crafted using the military artwork of Navy Crow. 

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs


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