Cold War Veteran Custom Engraved US Navy Challenge Coin


US Veterans can enjoy a unique military gift with an engraved US Navy coin

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You listened for Russian nuclear boats leaving their yards, dropped sonobuoys in the North Atlantic and waited for them to go active when they pinged a Boomer off the coast of Iceland. You stood watch aboard a fast frigate or a United States Navy destroyer as it patrolled the waters of the Med. You were a US Navy Sailor and served at a time when nuclear-armed giants with the Eagle and Bear, the US and Russia, played a dangerous cat and mouse games across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. You understood what it meant when the radar picked up a feint enemy signal. You were there. You fueled, equipped US Naval aircraft from the top of a US Navy aircraft carrier when inbound tangos in the form of Russian Bears were heading towards your strike force. You were there. This Cold War Veteran Custom Engraved US Navy Challenge Coin was minted because of your time in service during these turbulent times and because you were there.

With 80 character spaces to work with you transform your Cold War Veteran Custom Engraved US Navy Challenge Coin into a unique engraved firefighter coin. We will optimize the information you provide to us and make it look fantastic.

  • 80 character spaces including spaces
  • Diamond etched
  • Have your name, dates, anniversary or other important text added to your challenge coin one of the most unique.
  • 100% Made In The USA Etched
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks (estimated) for engraving to be completed prior to shipping to your destination. APO/FPO addresses are never a problem.
  • Please review all text before submitting. We will engrave what you provide.

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