US Navy Master Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin

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The US Navy Master Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin exemplifies the esteemed legacy of United States Navy Chiefs through its meticulously crafted design elements. Engraved with iconic phrases like “US Navy Chief The Chosen Few” and “The Sea Is Ours,” alongside the establishment year of 1898 and the birthdate of US Navy Chiefs, this coin pays tribute to the rich heritage of the Navy’s highest enlisted rank. Featuring the fouled anchor symbolizing Chief authority, an eagle perched atop, and goat skulls with covers flanking the anchor, representing the revered Goat Locker tradition, this coin showcases intricate detailing. The reverse side offers ample space for personalized text and engraved information, with “United States Navy” and “Deck Plate Leaders” adding a touch of professionalism. Enhanced with antique gold and silver accents, this unique US Navy challenge coin truly sets itself apart.

With 80 characters, including spaces, available for engraving, you can tailor your custom challenge coin to your precise specifications. As a leading authority in the challenge coin industry, we pride ourselves on being one of the few remaining companies that design, produce, and manufacture original art, transforming it into exceptional challenge coins for our esteemed customers. The option to include your unique information further distinguishes these meticulously detailed challenge coins from all others.

Officially licensed by the United States Navy, our US Navy Master Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin is meticulously crafted for active duty US Navy Sailors, veterans, prior service members, and supporters of America’s Navy. Produced entirely by US veterans and featuring the distinguished military artwork of Navy Crow, this coin embodies the honor, dedication, and camaraderie synonymous with the US Navy Master Chiefs.

US Navy Master Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin Product Details 

  • 80 Character Spaces (including spaces) To Engrave Your Personal Information
  • Highly detailed 3D Coin
  • Antique Gold and Antique Silver Plating
  • Hand Painted Color Accents
  • 4 mm thickness
  • 2″ Size
  • Serialized

For over 14 years we have served at the request of the United States Navy providing razor sharp, leading edge art and design for apparel. US Navy Chief’s Messes and the Goat Lockers (CPOAs), First Class Petty Officer Associations (FCPOAs), Second Class Petty Officers Associations (SCPOAs), Junior Enlisted Associations (JEAs) and MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) leadership have all received the finest in US Navy challenge coins from us. Highly detailed and thick USN coins are the hallmark of the work we do and stands apart from other companies. Our military art and coins are recognized all over the United States Navy and worldwide for their quality and intricate details.

Experience the difference when you collect the US Navy coins from Navy Crow and take your US Navy challenge coin collection to the next level of quality and design. For more information about this challenge please contact us at

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